[texworks] graphics problem

Benny Lautrup lautrup at nbi.dk
Wed Feb 24 09:01:27 CET 2010

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your response.

Try to recompile once more! Mine looks fine too at first go. It is at the
second that I get the problem.

Yes. Adobe always shows the correct display. It is an error in the TeXworks
previewer, not in the pdf file. The error continues into print, so it is not
a pure display error, but an error in the representation of the page.

You are right about Mathematica. But why does Adobe Acrobat then show the
correct image.


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Le 24 févr. 2010 à 08:29, Benny Lautrup a écrit :

> There is a graphics problem in the TeXworks version 0.3r514 delivered with
MixTeX 2.8.
> The enclosed files isolate the problem.
> What happens is that the graphics display misses elements after a
> I strongly suspect that this is the cause of the irregular crashes I have
encountered in 0.3r567build2 and written about before.

After compilation, test.pdf looks fine here on the Mac with r367: namely,
preview window looks exactly the same -- save for the bounding box -- as the
original graph.pdf.

So what you seem to imply is something wrong with the built-in poppler
libraries in the MikTeX version of TeXworks.

Two verifications come to mind:

- Does test.pdf look fine in other PDF viewers (such as Adobe Reader)?

- Your graph.pdf seems to have been prepared with Mathematica. Does the same
happen with PDF files of other origins? Mathematica's PDF output can be
problematic (I use it daily). For example uses of transparency (as produced
by Opacity) yield PDF output claimed  problematic by Illustrator and later
when included by pdfTeX. Here that's not the case, and pdfTeX returns no
warning in the log, but the fact that graph.pdf is in PDF 1.4 format instead
of the more common PDF 1.3 may play a role. I couldn't find indications of
which PDF versions pdfTeX accepts for graphics inclusion.

Bruno Voisin

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