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Le 13 févr. 2010 à 09:32, Lars Madsen a écrit :

> Daniel Becker wrote:
>> Am 13.02.2010 um 01:38 schrieb Reinhard Kotucha:
>>> Convert them to PDF.  If you are using TeX Live, type
>>>  sam2p <basename>.bmp <basename>.pdf
>>> on the command line.
>> ... are you sure that sam2p comes with TeXLive? Not here (MacTeX-version of TL 2009).
> not on linux either

To follow up on my previous message:

- ImageMagick is a cross-platform software suite for manipulating bitmap images. Builds are available for Windows, Linux and Mac.


- It includes a "convert" tool for conversion between formats.

- With the epstopdf LaTeX package, conversion can be performed on-the-fly so you don't even have to worry about doing preliminary conversion yourself. Despite the name, epstopdf includes mechanisms for conversion from any arbitrary format to another format recognized by pdfTeX; you just have to instruct it which tool to use for the conversion from which format. For BMP, what you need is write in the preamble of your LaTeX file

	  convert #1 \OutputFile

and then make sure your pdfLaTeX processing tool includes the --shell-escape argument allowing pdfTeX to launch ancillary processes in the shell.

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That's it! You can also fine-tune what epstopdf does through package options (which suffix to add to the name of the converted file, whether to recreate the converted file each time pdfLaTeX is run, etc.) in the usual LaTeX way.

Bruno Voisin

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