[texworks] Updated German translation

Peter Wüsten peter.wuesten at gmx.de
Sun Jan 31 19:35:44 CET 2010

Stefan schrieb:
> 1) "Standalone Scripts"
> [...]
> 2) "Hook Scripts"
> [...]
> 3) "Hook:"
> Again, my translation attempt is quite free: "Anknüpfungspunkt:". What
> is meant is the point in the code from which the script is called (this
> labels a quite technical, internal, english name that is displayed in
> the "Manage Scripts" dialog).

I agree that the literal translations are no good at all. How about 
"integrierte Skripte" for hook scripts? I think the best and most 
descriptive term would convay the idea that a hook script performs some 
behind-the-scenes magic without requiring any user-intervention. I can't 
think of anything that doesn't involve the German noun "Magie" or the 
adjective "magisch" which, OTOH, I would not suggest for anything that 
has even remotely to do with computers or science. Hmmm, what do you 
think about "eingebettete Skripte"?

Which leaves us with the standalone scripts, for which the term 
"willkürliche Skripte" comes to mind, but while perfectly correct many 
users (me included) would associate that with the idea of haphazardly 
inflicting injustice on the open TeX-document.



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