[texworks] Updated German translation

Fadi Semmo fadisemmo at freenet.de
Sun Jan 31 15:07:16 CET 2010


Stefan Löffler schrieb:
> Hi,
> I've updated the German translation (see attachment). Most stuff was
> pretty straight-forward. I'm not too sure I'm happy with three (rather
> free) translations, though, so I'd like to put them here for general
> discussion:
> 1) "Standalone Scripts"
> My translation attempt is "Eigenständige Skripte", which is a bit weird,
> since they are not really "eigenständig" in the sense that they are
> independent of Tw altogether. However, it's actually a fairly literal
> translation and alternatives like "Befehlsskripte" appealed to me even
> less...
maybe "Einzelskripte"

> 2) "Hook Scripts"
> "Erweiterungsskripte". Again a bit of a mis-namer, since all scripts are
> by definition extending ("erweitern") Tw. However, I didn't find a good
> translation for "hook" in this context, so I figured that - contrary to
> the standalone scripts - the hook scripts do in fact extend/modify the
> core functionality of Tw (as opposed to providing additional, new user
> commands).
maybe "Zusatzskripte"

> 3) "Hook:"
> Again, my translation attempt is quite free: "Anknüpfungspunkt:". What
> is meant is the point in the code from which the script is called (this
> labels a quite technical, internal, english name that is displayed in
> the "Manage Scripts" dialog).
> Does anyone have better suggestions or comments about this?

Do you mean "Ankerpunkt"?


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