[texworks] Using .ps/.eps figures with TexWorks

Spencer Klein SRKLEIN at LBL.GOV
Thu Jan 28 01:35:53 CET 2010


Please forgive what is probably a stupid question.  I am a long-term 
.tex user, trying to convert to TexWorks.  I have TexWorks 0.1, running 
on a Windows XP.  I am trying to .tex a file containing .eps figures, 
and keep getting the error message:

Latex Error: Unknown graphics extension .eps.

This happens even with a file that ran perfectly on Miktex, and also on 
the Cornell arXiv server:

The header reads:


\usepackage{graphicx}% Include figure files
\usepackage{dcolumn}% Align table columns on decimal point
\usepackage{bm}% bold math

and the typical figure is included with

  \caption{\label{rhoprobability} $\rho$ probability as a function of 
depth in a slab
for a $10^{23}$ eV photon incident on a water target.  The two broad 
peaks around 20 and 40 cm
correspond to $\Delta k L = 2n\pi$ at the $\rho$ pole mass.}

This is the same thing that I have been doing for years, and I would 
expect it to work on any correct version of .tex.
What am I missing?

Spencer Klein, LBNL
srklein at lbl.gov

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