[texworks] QT-script and XML?

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 00:17:42 CET 2010

Dear Stefan,

Yes I come from an initial Delphi (TurboPascal) background.

For that, one Serhiy Perevoznyk  ( serge_perevoznyk  AT  hotmail.com )
developed n very useful  tie in for PHP which works really well.  All
his source code is available at

"• PHP4Applications (integrate PHP in any application)
Supports C, C++, Visual Basic, VBA, etc…

PHP4Delphi  is a Visual Development Framework for creating custom PHP
Extensions using Delphi. PHP extension, in the most basic of terms, is
a set of instructions that is designed to add functionality to PHP.

PHP4Delphi also allows executing the PHP scripts within the Delphi
program directly from file or memory. You can read and write global
PHP variables and set the result value.

PHP4Delphi allows you to embed the PHP interpreter into your Delphi
application so you can extend and customize the application without
having to recompile it.

PHP4Delphi is organized into the following subprojects:

• PHP scripting (using PHP in Delphi applications)
PHP4Delphi allows to execute the PHP scripts within the Delphi program
directly without a WebServer.

• PHP extensions development framework (using Delphi to extend PHP
Visual Development Framework gives possibility to create custom PHP
Extensions using Delphi."

I'll try and look out any more information I may have on a more
directly C like approach - but I think Serihy's work has all the logic
in it.


2010/1/21 Stefan Löffler <st.loeffler at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Am 2010-01-19 07:08, schrieb Paul A Norman:
>> Looking at this from a different angle, ther is another scripting
>> language that allows dynamic loading of modules at run time, and it
>> has been integrated with Qt before, http://php-qt.org/
>> Is that any use - there is a heap of stuff (vast functionality)
>> already written for that.
> Yes and no. php-qt seems to be working the other way round, i.e. it
> exposes Qt functions to php. What we'd need would be to run php code
> from Qt (well, C++ actually, but that doesn't matter here). It should be
> possible somehow (after all webservers include php functionality), but
> how I have no clue. If there's someone out there who has some experience
> with this I could help with it, but after a quick glance I didn't find
> the information that are needed on the internet.
> In the meantime, there's a similarly large amount of stuff written for
> Python, too. The only problem ATM is building the python plugin on
> Windows...
> Regards,
> Stefan

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