[texworks] Wrong windows size

Alain Delmotte alain.delmotte at leliseron.org
Thu Jan 14 11:43:10 CET 2010


Using TW526 under Windows XP (version compiled with MinGW. That is there 
are only small changes in the .pro files for the MinGW and KDE systems)

When I start TW, it opens an editor window on the left and the windows 
fits in height on my screen (from top to just above the task bar).
If I open a recent document, it replaces the empty document of the start.
So far so good.
But if the document was already typeset or if I typeset it, the preview 
window is too hight, it goes behind the task bar as well as any other 
editor window if I open other documents.

This is really annoying.


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