[texworks] Typesetting to a postscript file (not to PDF)

David Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Sat Dec 26 16:53:26 CET 2009

Stefan wrote:

> confirmation of the problem.
Always nice to know that I'm not imagining things!

> It also states that you could simply open
> the pdf created by LaTeX in Acrobat, change the security settings, and
> save it again.
That was my first thought, and the reason that I searched out a full 
copy of Acrobat.  Unfortunately it didn't work; somehow it seems that 
the settings are created when the PDF is first made, and not overridden 
later.  But I will try again since I really need to get feedback on my doc.

Jonathan wrote:

 > But xe(la)tex does not have a way to generate postscript directly
 > (there is no xdv-to-ps driver),
Thank you for this important clarification.

 > What might work is to "print" the xelatex-generated PDF to a PS file
 > using, for example, a ghostscript-based tool ... and then re-distill
 > this with Acrobat.
I may try this if I still can't get the full Acrobat to cooperate.

 > (If you don't need xelatex features such as unicode and font support,
 > then you can use (pdf)latex in dvi mode and the dvips driver; there
 > have been previous discussions on the list about setting this up
 > within texworks, as there's no predefined setting for it at present.)
I assume this refers to the same batch files that Stefan pointed to in 
his reply.  I do need Unicode, fontspec, and OT features in my document, 
which is why I use TeXworks and not some other editor.  (The doc in 
question is a book about using Unicode and OT to support historical 
languages.) So it looks like those batch files won't work in my situation.

Thanks very much - David

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