[texworks] Typesetting to a postscript file (not to PDF)

David Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Sat Dec 26 14:35:11 CET 2009

When using TeXworks, how would I typeset to a postscript file (which I 
would then process with Acrobat Distiller)?  I think I need another 
option in the Typesetting menu, in addition to XeLaTeX or pdfLaTeX, but 
am not sure how to get that.  Normally I typeset to XeLaTeX, but I am 
having a problem with PDF security settings.  I might be able to control 
this better if I created the PDF directly with Acrobat.

This PDF security issue is not strictly a TeXworks problem, but if 
anybody knows a better answer I'd appreciate it -- I have not found the 
solution elsewhere.

Here are details:

I have MikTeX 2.7, with all files updated using the MikTeX package 
manager. Adobe Reader 9.2 tells me that my PDFs were produced by MikTeX 
sdvipdfmx(0.7.3 svn 811).

I want to send out a PDF for review, but Adobe Reader tells me that 
commenting is not allowed (Document / Security / Show security 
properties). And, in fact, if I request that the commenting toolbar be 
shown while viewing the PDF, Reader won't.

Finally I got access to a machine with the full version of Acrobat, 
which tells me that there are no security settings in my PDF and that 
commenting is allowed (along with everything else).

So what's going on? What controls the security settings when I generate 
my PDF? I am using hyperref to set PDF keywords and so forth, but none 
of these properties overlap with the ones shown by the security 
properties in Adobe Reader; I also looked at the hyperref docs and found 
nothing about setting security. Is this caused by the MikTeX PDF driver? 
In my PDF, most things are allowed, but commenting, document assembly, 
and signing are not.

Thanks- David

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