[texworks] new experimental builds

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 20 16:58:10 CET 2009

On 20 Dec 2009, at 15:55, Joseph Wright wrote:

> On 20/12/2009 15:51, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> On 20 Dec 2009, at 15:42, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>>> Le 20 déc. 2009 à 16:24, Joseph Wright a écrit :
>>>> On Snow Leopard I have to "point" TeXworks at /usr/texbin to get things working. This didn't happen before: any idea why?
>>> I'm not seeing that, things work "out of the box". What do you mean by "point TeXworks at /usr/texbin"? The latter is there at the top of the list by default in Preferences>  Typesetting>  Paths for TeX and related programs.
>> Does the Restore Defaults button remove it, I wonder?
>>> As every time I install a new version of TeXworks, I've started by removing ~/Library/TeXworks before launching the new TeXworks for the first time, so that a virginal TeXworks folder is recreated with updated defaults if the defaults have changed. (I merge my local changes -- only additional processing tools -- back afterwards.) Could this play a role here?
>> I don't think so; I think you have the binary paths stored as part of the prefs file, which is separate from the various configuration files. Preferences are stored in a .plist file in ~/Library/Preferences/. If you were to delete that, I'm guessing you'd lose the /usr/texbin path.
>> JK
>> (Not at my texworks machine right now, to actually experiment...)
> I tried "Restore defaults": doesn't help. I also tried deleting both ~/Library/TeXworks and ~/Library/Preferences/org.tug. ... (whatever it's called!), still didn't work. I had to point the program at /usr/texbin in all cases.

Yes, that's what I'd expect, because the /usr/texbin path is not present as one of the compiled-in defaults.

Regarding Restore Defaults, I'm expecting that if Bruno tries this, it will *remove* the /usr/texbin path for him as well, thus confirming this analysis.


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