[texworks] 'upgrading' texworks in miktex

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 09:47:38 CET 2009


Ben Harrison schrieb:
> i installed the (windows) protext distribution of miktex2.8 et al,
> which has the installed version of texworks 0.1 r417. how do i
> 'upgrade' texworks within miktex?

As already posted by others, the MikTeX version should be 'updated'
through the standard MiKTeX process, i.e. by using the MiKTeX updater.
However, it seems that the MiKTeX developers don't upgrade their version

> i could use the installer for windows, but wouldn't that mean i have
> two 'versions' of the executable? the existing version is in
> C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8\miktex\bin\, while the newly installed
> version goes in C:\Program Files\texworks\ or something. should I
> choose the miktek bin folder as my install dir?

Yeah, by using the Windows installer from the Tw page, you would end up
with two different executables. However, in principle, this would not be
a real problem, I think, since they are independent of one another. The
only complications could arise from incompatible configurations, but
IIRC no changes of that sort have been made recently.

BTW, I would advise against overwriting the MiKTeX version of Tw. While
it could work (I haven't tried), it could just as well break a lot of
things in MiKTeX (if they rely on the fact that their files are not
changed externally).

But as I said, having two versions of Tw doesn't hurt. You just have to
take care that your links etc. point to the correct executable you want
to use. So if you want to switch to the 'official' version, it may be
easiest to simply uninstall the MiKTeX version first, so you don't get
into troubles.

> otoh, i could get the zip file, but i don't know where everything
> needs to go.

It doesn't really matter. As long as all the files go in the same
directory, it should work. In fact, you could even put it into "My
Documents" if you wanted to. The only thing the installer does
differently is that it can automatically create links and associate .tex
files with Tw.


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