[texworks] 'upgrading' texworks in miktex

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Wed Dec 2 08:51:01 CET 2009

Further, you can not use the .exe from the official distribution in 
place of the one in MikTeX, because they have been compiled with 
different systems and then require different .dll.
The best way is to do like Ben suggest: update using the update program 
of MikTeX.

It should be possible to compile a new version using Visual C 2008 (I 
think it is the system used for MikTeX); but I am not sure that you 
would get a real benefit!


Ð?c Minh Thái a écrit :
> You should use the update feature within MiKTeX. Please consult the 
> MiKTeX's document for more details.
>     *From:* Ben Harrison <mailto:ben.harrison at liquidmesh.com>
>     *Sent:* Tuesday, December 01, 2009 2:12 PM
>     *To:* texworks at tug.org <mailto:texworks at tug.org>
>     *Subject:* [texworks] 'upgrading' texworks in miktex
>     hi hi,
>     i installed the (windows) protext distribution of miktex2.8 et al,
>     which has the installed version of texworks 0.1 r417. how do i
>     'upgrade' texworks within miktex?
>     i could use the installer for windows, but wouldn't that mean i
>     have two 'versions' of the executable? the existing version is in
>     C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8\miktex\bin\, while the newly installed
>     version goes in C:\Program Files\texworks\ or something. should I
>     choose the miktek bin folder as my install dir?
>     otoh, i could get the zip file, but i don't know where everything
>     needs to go.
>     cheers,
>     ben

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