[texworks] 'upgrading' texworks in miktex

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You should use the update feature within MiKTeX. Please consult the MiKTeX's document for more details.
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  Subject: [texworks] 'upgrading' texworks in miktex

  hi hi,
  i installed the (windows) protext distribution of miktex2.8 et al, which has the installed version of texworks 0.1 r417. how do i 'upgrade' texworks within miktex?

  i could use the installer for windows, but wouldn't that mean i have two 'versions' of the executable? the existing version is in C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8\miktex\bin\, while the newly installed version goes in C:\Program Files\texworks\ or something. should I choose the miktek bin folder as my install dir? 

  otoh, i could get the zip file, but i don't know where everything needs to go.

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