[texworks] message from TeXworks user(MiKTeX)-undefined control sequence document class article

Robert MacDonald robm at shearwaterscientific.com
Thu Oct 29 20:35:43 CET 2009

I just installed Miktex 2.8 on a windows XP -SP3 machine. Miktex and 
TexWorks seem to run fine. But when I try to typeset a test document 
(see bellow), I get a spool of error messages. It seems as though the 
class article can not be found. I searched my harddrive for the the .cls 
file but could not find it.

The last time I used Latex I remember I had to have the .cls file in the 
same folder as the .tex files. Can anyone point me in the right 
direction. I also tried using some alternate .cls files which I found in 
the tex/latex folder of the installation. These gave the same error.

Any help appreciated.


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