[texworks] german translation

Thomas Floeren tomfloeren at mac.com
Thu Oct 8 11:05:07 CEST 2009

Hi Stefan,

I've done a quick correction step on the file.
There have been a few semantical issues, lots of orthographical, and  
some expression issues.

Some (few) entries were not editable (File ... trans not readable).

Please have a look on the file and tell me what you think.

(The file is attached. In case the attachment is eliminated by the  
list server, please give me an alternative upload address.)


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On Oct 3, 2009, at 12:11 PM, Stefan L?ffler wrote:

> On 2009-10-03 11:39, Thomas Floeren wrote:
>> well, I've done the steps, I have the source-code on my HD. I see the
>> TeXworks_de.ts file.
> Great :).
>> I could edit it with my favorite TextEditor (as it is a rather-clean
>> XML).
>> But this is not the good point, I guess. There seem to be some
>> (QT)-Tools out there which provide an interface to do these
>> translation tasks. "QT Linguist" or anything similar.
>> Just give me a hint how to make it work (the QT-linguist-thingy). The
>> QT-website is not very coherent and/or helpful.
> You're absolutely right. Editing the file in a text editor works,  
> but is
> not recommended. The tool that is recommended is Qt Linguist.
> I don't know if you have Qt Linguist already. You could try typing
> "linguist" in a terminal.
> If you don't have Linguist, I think it should be included in the Qt
> Framework package. As I wrote before, just go to
> http://qt.nokia.com/downloads, click "Chose LGPL/Free" and then
> "Download Qt libraries 4.5 for Mac" on the right hand side. It's a dmg
> file, but since I'm not a Mac user I can't tell you how to install/use
> it (but from what I read on Wikipedia, it should somehow integrate  
> into
> the Finder).
> Once you have linguist installed, run it. Then simply open
> TeXworks_de.ts and start happy translating ;).
> Cheers
> Stefan

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