[texworks] commands

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 19 13:21:49 CET 2009

Joseph Wright wrote:
> Hans Hagen wrote:
>> Hi
>> A few questions ...
>> - I want to add a 'typesetting command' that does not need a file at all
>> (it just runs). In that case I need an option not to ask for an input
>> file or save or whatever. Maybe check if the command has an argument
>> that specifies a file will do. Or otherwise a checkbox like the one that
>> can be used not to open a pdf afterwards.
> I'm intrigued as to what this is!

things like updating, help info and more

>> - I think that the 'cleanup aux' files in the menu is too specific for a
>> macro package, so it should either be configurable or be made
>> typesetting command dependent or whatever. I can even imagine that there
>> is an extra menu with options that change depending on the typesetting
>> command being selected.
> You can customise it in ~/TeXworks/configuration/texworks-config.txt, at
> least in the sense of altering what is on the list.

i think that there should be a config per typesetting command, as most 
of what is in this file does not make sense for context (we have no 
\include and \includegraphics but different commands and there cleanup 
suffixes are also different and could even lead to unwanted cleanup)

>> - The open file menu can have a context entry as well. Valid suffixes
>> are: .tex .mkii .mkiv .xml .ctx (and maybe a few more in the future)
> I guess that the assumption was that ConTeXt only uses .tex (this would
> have been my guess, for example).

actualy there are a few more but the average user will not use them

i'm playing with coloring xml and wondering if it makes sense to add an 
option to associate file suffixes with specific syntax patterns

another thing that comes to mind (when testing) is a quick way to open 
the most recent file(s) [esp handy when testing changes in the 
configuration, the multistep menu choice involved too many steps or 
maybe there's already a magic key combination that does that]


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