[texworks] commands

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 12:12:07 CET 2009

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hi
> A few questions ...
> - I want to add a 'typesetting command' that does not need a file at all
> (it just runs). In that case I need an option not to ask for an input
> file or save or whatever. Maybe check if the command has an argument
> that specifies a file will do. Or otherwise a checkbox like the one that
> can be used not to open a pdf afterwards.

I'm intrigued as to what this is!

> - I think that the 'cleanup aux' files in the menu is too specific for a
> macro package, so it should either be configurable or be made
> typesetting command dependent or whatever. I can even imagine that there
> is an extra menu with options that change depending on the typesetting
> command being selected.

You can customise it in ~/TeXworks/configuration/texworks-config.txt, at
least in the sense of altering what is on the list.

> - The open file menu can have a context entry as well. Valid suffixes
> are: .tex .mkii .mkiv .xml .ctx (and maybe a few more in the future)

I guess that the assumption was that ConTeXt only uses .tex (this would
have been my guess, for example).
Joseph Wright

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