[texworks] r285 breaks compilation on Linux

Stefan Löffler stefan.loeffler at chello.at
Mon Mar 16 19:28:42 CET 2009


while I appreciate the idea behind the revision it breaks compilation on
Linux. First of all you need to re-run qmake. But this only produces the
file ./DefaultBinPaths.h which must be moved (and renamed) manually to
src/DefaultBinaryPaths.h. I've attached a small patch to correct that

BTW: Wouldn't it be prudent to check if there actually is any (binary)
file in the directories guessed by the shell script instead of adding
2007/, 2008/, and 2009/ directories more or less arbitrarily? In
addition the kpse* tools may be useful, although I don't know how (or
if) TL can find its binaries if they are not in the path (I'll pass that
question on to people with a lot more knowledge of the internals of TL
and other distributions).

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