[texworks] integrating TeX Works into TeX Live

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Mar 11 00:43:34 CET 2009

    We cannot ship binaries for all

Norbert -- Jonathan and I discussed this briefly a few weeks ago.  I
agree that we certainly cannot include TW in the TeX Live source tree.
However, we felt that we could ask any of the TL builders who cared to
try to build it, as a separate package (kind of like the clisp madness
for xindy), and construct TL packages from the results.  I admit the
details are lacking.

The resulting binaries will probably work on fewer systems than the
binaries in the main tree, but we can't help that ...

Anyway, last I heard, Jonathan needed to do a "fresh library build"
before it made sense to push it out for general compilation.  Jonathan?

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