[texworks] integrating TeX Works into TeX Live

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Tue Mar 10 23:44:55 CET 2009

Le 10 mars 09 à 22:08, Reinhard Kotucha a écrit :

> On 10 March 2009 Norbert Preining wrote:
>> [...] Currently TeX Works seems to use
>> 	~/.config/TUG/TeXworks.conf
>> and
>> 	~/.TeXworks/...
> It would be much nicer to have the files in $TEXMFCONFIG and
> $TEXMFHOME.  It is a bit confusing if (TeX) related files are not
> kept together.  An important point is that as of TeX Live 2008, Unix
> and Windows are not treated differently any more.  Putting files
> outside any $TEXMF* directories probably enlarges the gap between the
> systems again, which would be sad.

Since Apple was mentioned in the original message starting this  
thread, I must admit I have a hard time figuring out how the advocated  
scheme would translate to the Mac.

The MacTeX repackaging of TeXLive installs stuff in two parts:

- TeXLive itself (texmf trees and unix binaries) in /usr/local/texlive

- GUI applications (front ends like TeXShop upon which TeXworks is  
based, BibDesk a bibliography management application based on BibTeX,  
LaTeXiT an equation editor, ...) in /Applications

I can't really see how GUI applications could go to /usr/local/ 
texlive, as these Unix-style directories (like /var, /etc, /bin, / 
usr, ...) are hidden on Mac OS X and not normally accessible to the  
user (they can be accessed from the command-line OK, but they are  
normally not visible in the Finder, which if I understood Windows  
correctly -- not using it myself -- is analogous to Windows Explorer).

As to config files for these GUI applications, they normally go to ~/ 
Library/Preferences and for TeXworks are for example ~/Library/ 
Preferences/org.tug.TeXworks.plist while support files go to ~/Library  
(for TeXworks to ~/Library/TeXworks).

Additional texmf files (additional LaTeX packages, font installations,  
etc.) go for system-wide stuff to /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local and  
for user-specific stuff to ~/Library/texmf.

Not sure that helps, but again I haven't really understood what the  
original proposal was.

Bruno Voisin

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