[texworks] Building TeXworks on WinXP

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sun Jan 25 10:16:27 CET 2009

Hi Stefan,

Stefan Löffler a écrit :
>> (NB. still the same 2 missing files)
> You're talking about the dependencies, right? 

>>> In order to build !TeXworks you have to modify
>>> C:\texworks\texworks-read-only\TeXworks.pro to reflect your local
>>> configuration. Find the lines reading
>>> {{{
>>> and replace them by
>> I am not sure here that you should not use the \ in place of /, that
>> is what I did, ex.: C:\KDE\include\poppler\qt4
> Well, I'm not sure, either. I reread the Qt documentation on qmake and
> didn't find any rules for this. All examples use forward slashes,
> however. The problem with backslashes is that they are often used as
> escape characters (\n for newline, \t for tab, etc.). Hence I'd prefer
> to leave the forward slashes in the guide as it appears to be the
> "official" or at least the safer way.
I followed the process you described for "update", changing the "\" to "/"
At compilation I was asked to save the "TeXworks.sln" file, which I did 
(perhaps a note to be added to the instructions, I do not remember 
seeing that the first time); and compilation went very fast and succeeded.
The new version (/) is working as the old one (\). :-\ or :-/

Now one remark, for the update you write:
Then run
svn update
qmake -tp vcapp
it should be: "qmake -tp vc" like for the first creation, "vcapp" 
doesn't work!! Your very first instruction (in the orginal document) 
was: "qmake -t vcapp"
(Or perhaps I mistyped!!)

> So, if everything is working now I'll send the guide to Jonathan if you
> give your OK.
OK :-)


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