[texworks] Possible problem with the Windows version

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Jan 22 16:29:28 CET 2009


Not solved, see what I did:

Stefan Löffler a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 2009-01-21 18:40, Alain Delmotte wrote:
>> I decided to update the version of TeXworks I have on my portable
>> (Windows XP SP3 as my main machine) using the new version I compiled
>> following the instructions of Stefan (see previous posts - MSVC 2008).
> What operating system do you have on your portable? Is it a "normal"
> version of Windows or some CE version (for the latter some changes to
> the build process may be necessary).
I think it is a normal: MS XP,  family edition SP3
>> I copied everything which was in the c:\Program Files\TeXworks folder
>> on the main to the same folder on the portable.
>> When I want to start TeXworks I get an error message:
>> "This application could not start because the configuration is not
>> correct. Re-installing the aplication could solve the problem"
>> Erasing the TeXworks folder created by TeXworks at first start did not
>> help.
>> Does the system requires some components which were used during
>> compilation, present on my main machine (on which I compiled) and not
>> present on the portable? Or is it another problem (MSVC 2008??)?
> I don't think that this is a MSVC 2008 problem (though using 2005 is
> probably the far better option as mentioned elsewhere). 
I'll test the compilation with 2005
> Of course you
> need to make sure that all dlls (Qt, poppler, hunspell, etc.) are copied
> along with it. They may not have been present in your compilation
> directory (depending on your configuration), but there is a section
> about them in the guide. In addition to those you'll also need the MSVC
> runtime libraries. Your MSVC installation directory should contain a
> file called "redist.txt" which states the dlls you need and how to
> distribute them in a license-compatible way. In essence you probably
> want to copy the folder
> <your_path_to_msvc>\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC80.CRT into your TeXworks
> directory (if you use an x86 processor). This should also include the
> manifest file that the application needs to start up (and which probably
> caused your error message which doesn't look like a missing dll).
> If all this doesn't help you could use http://dependencywalker.com/
> (which may be included in MSVC, I don't know) to track the dlls your
> build of TeXworks needs and check if they are present on your target
> computer.

I list here the files (all .dll except the TeXworks program) which were 
present for the old version (the one from the TeXworks distribution) and 
the one I have on the main computer on which I compiled. I also give the 
size old-new in ko

freetype:      --, 388
jpeg62:        --, 125
linhunspell:   --, 320
poppler-qt4:   --, 1592
QtCore4:     2601, 1976
QtGui4:     10167, 7180
QtXml4:       494, 356
zlib:          --, 74
libfreetype: 2011, --
minggwm10:    411, --

I added the files in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual studio 
(Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest, mscvm90, msvcp90 and mscvr90) either in 
the TeXworks program folder or in a folder in a path equivalent to the 
one on the main machine or as subfolder of the TeXworks folder.

Still the problem.

Checking the dependencies on the *TeXworks.exe* of the machine on which 
I compiled and which is working:
SHLWAPI warning
MPR delay warning
DWMAPI delay missing
EFSADU delay missing

I'll do the same on the portable.

But it would be could to be able to distribute one or two files which 
would include everything is necessary to run TeXworks, like on the 
We are working to attract new users to LaTeX and installation problems 
are enough to make them fly away.

Thanks for your help,


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