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> Le 23 août 2019 à 18:08, Richard Koch <koch at math.uoregon.edu> a écrit :
> The new version arises from a conversation with Yusuki Terada at the Palo Alto Tug Conference. He called my attention to a stackexchange discussion about Spotlight indexing of TeX files. Today he reminded me of this conversation:
> "In addition, I send the URL about Spotlight indexing which I mentioned at the lunch hour.
> https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/206328/how-to-search-latex-documents-in-spotlight/244791#244791
> According to my test, of all the answers posted on this page, this solution by "user11126" worked well. This solution suggests adding new entries into TeXShop.app/Contents/Info.plist and TeXShop.app/Contents/Library/Spotlight/TeX.mdimporter/Contents/Info.plist.
> After adding these new entries and reindexing the Spotlight database, it became possible to search contents of TeX files by Spotlight."

That's very interesting. I couldn't help but try to figure out where the "public.tex" type that user11126 found on his/her setup could have come for. It was a failure, of course, none of the TeX-aware apps I know seem to use public.tex.

Before going further: this is not to try to convince Dick to do anything more in this respect, to open the can of worms (or Pandora's box) further. I was just curious, as always.

It's a complete mess, of course. For example, regarding the .tex extension:

- Alpha defines

	UTI:		net.sf.alphacocoa.TeX-mode
	Parent:		public.text

- BBEdit defines

	UTI:		com.barebones.bbedit.tex-source
	Parent:		public.source-code

- MacVim defines

	UTI:		org.vim.tex-file
	Parent:		public.plain-text

- Texpad defines

	UTI:		com.vallettaventures.texpadm.tex
	Parent:		public.item

- TeXShop defines

	UTI (new):	public.tex
	UTI (old):	edu.uo.texshop.tex
	Parent:		public.text

while Emacs (Aquamacs, Emacs for Mac OS X and Emacs Modified for macOS), TeXMaker, Texstudio and TeXworks do not use UTIs. No wonder macOS gets confused! Too bad there was never any standardisation!

Here's a small list I prepared while looking at this, of all the UTIs, extensions and MIME types that these apps uses (based on each app's Info.plist).

The trickiest part was, for all the document types that TeXShop defines and UTIs that it imports (there are so many of them), to try to figure out what they meant. I attempted to keep only the types that are TeX source or output, or that are created by software that are part of TeX Live (MetaFont/Post, Asymptote), while discarding those that correspond to other software (R, Lilypond, abc, Sketch, ...).

What I kept is

	.tex, .log, .dvi -> TeX
	.ltx, .aux, .sty, .cls, .clo, .fdd, .fd, .def, .ins, .dtx, .drv -> LaTeX
	.bst, .bib -> BibTeX
	.ctx -> ConTeXt
	.lua -> LuaTeX

	.mf -> MetaFont
	.mp -> MetaPost
	.asy -> Asymptote

	.texi -> Texinfo package
	.bbx, .cbx, .lbx -> biblatex package

	.dn -> Devenagari package
	.skt -> Sanskrit package
	.gtex, .glog, .gaux -> GregorioTeX package
	.htx -> HieroTeX package

	.ptx -> PreTeXt package
	.stex -> sTeX package

and others I didn't keep are

	.abc, .gabc -> abc music notation software
	.ly, .lytex -> Lilypond music notation software
	.Rnw -> R statistical software
	.sk -> Sketch software (this one <https://www.sketch.com>?)

None of this was really necessary, of course.

BTW, on my setup, currently (ie before installing the new TeXShop 4.33), .tex files open in TeXShop but have a BBEdit icon. Go figure!


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