[texshop] Experimental version 4.33

koch at uoregon.edu koch at uoregon.edu
Fri Aug 23 01:17:42 CEST 2019

Herbert and Bruno,

I fixed the bad permissions on the server, so downloads should now work.

I recommend setting

	defaults write TeXShop DisplayLogInfo NO

This version outputs log info during typesetting, but I suspect the Notarized version I put on the web will not output logs. Rather than explain the logs, I suggest turning them off.


	defaults write TeXShop UseTerminationHandler YES

Originally when a NSTask ended, a notification was sent to all programs that asked to see it. But a more modern approach was later introduced, in which when you call the NSTask, you give it the routine which should run when it ends. I suggest using this more modern approach.


	defaults write TeXShop RepeatTypesetOnError13 NO

Herb is correct, that should be the number 13. I added to TeXShop some code that killed all aux files and ran the task again when the previous task ended with error 13. But that was klunky. We don't want to "work around" this error; instead we want to "get rid" of the error. This preference setting says to avoid the work around, and just see if the error is reduced or eliminated.

Dick Koch

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