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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at icloud.com
Sat Oct 13 10:16:15 CEST 2018

(To Karl: I'm cc'ing you because of the second part of the message, don't bother about the first.)

> On 12 Oct 2018, at 23:32, Justin C. Walker <justin at me.com> wrote:
> He said the variable is in points.

(About the units for TeXShop editor's new hanging indentation variable)

OK, I'm a bit confused here. I use Menlo Regular 12 in TeXShop's editor, and the value of the variable "Remaining Lines Paragraph Indent" that corresponds to about 2 characters for that font and size is 15 (see attached screenshot).

I thought the em-size would be 12 pt for a 12 pt monospaced font, so a two-character indent would be 24 pt. The above seems to suggest the em-size is about 7.5 pt instead?

I looked at Menlo.ttc in FontForge, it says the em-size (in the Font Info panel) is 2048 but that only means there are 2048 TrueType internal units to the em. From FontForge's help:

"In most PostScript fonts there are 1000 units to the em, TrueType fonts often have either 1024 or 2048 units to the em (TrueType recommends that you use a power of two)"

So that info is of no use whatsoever.

I tried to explain the above in terms of the variable being in pixels not points, and the fact that my MacBook's 12" Retina display has 226 pixels per inch based on


so there are about 3 pixels to 1 point. But that would make the variable value 3 times higher, not smaller.

Not that this is of any importance, as Dick says experimentation works fine, I was just trying to understand the logic behind it all.

> [1] Apparently, the TeXShop list isn’t set up with a “Reply-to” setting, so Dick and the list were in my reply.  I didn’t notice that at the time.

I think Karl said this is the default for TUG's-operated lists: by default a reply goes to the original poster only, you have to select "Reply All" to include the list as well.

Karl explained the logic behind this choice in a private email to Jonathan Kew and me back in the early days of the TeXworks list in 2008. I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him here:

"My experience is that it depends on the list.  For example, when most
people sending to the list are people not on the list, but just
reporting bugs or whatever, replying to the list by default causes mucho

(Aside: What I want is an option that says "reply to the list *and* the
original poster, if the original poster is not on the list.  Mailman
programmers rejected the idea, saying it was too much complication.
Someone else sent me a patch to do it anyway, since it's needed whatever
mailman people think, but it doesn't work with current mailman.  Sigh.
Maybe I'll pester Barry again one day.)"

If you (and other people here -- Dick, Herb, Stephen, ...) think a Reply-To would be better, we may ask Karl to change the setup (he did so for the TeXworks list at the time).

Often I forget, press Reply and the reply goes to the original poster only, then when I realize what happened and I end up forwarding the reply to the list. Otherwise I press Reply All and edit the To and CC fields by hand to remove the original poster (not that this is really needed). A minor annoyance.


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