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> As a basic example: a "url" field is obviously
> needed nowadays. But if he adds a url field to the standard styles,
> there will inevitably be usage conflicts (at the bib level, the bst
> level, the tex level, wherever) with the existing url fields that have
> been added by many other styles. On the other hand, if he invents a new
> field name, say "bibtexurl", it's even worse -- then bib files would
> have to duplicate url and bibtexurl. So there seems no good way to add it.

I have solved this by putting the url into a 'note' like this:

author = "D. Baji\'{c}",
title = "Information Theory, Living Systems, and Communication Engineering",
journal = "Entropy",
publisher = "MDPI AG",
volume = "26",
number = "5",
month = "",
pages = "430",
note = "\url{}",
comment = "2024/05/20_18:37:41 Google Scholar",
year = "2024"}

It displays just fine and the link works.

One can have several urls:

note = "\url{},

and they all work.  Since it is a note, one can add other information
about the links too.



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