latex and mathematica, - can you export mathematica into latex docs easily?

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Thu Nov 24 12:58:00 CET 2022

On Thu, Nov 24, 2022 at 12:02:04PM +0100, Kotya Karapetyan wrote:
>    It is, arguably, an extremely personal thing, heavily dependent on your work style and preferences.
>    For me: The calculation tool of choice is Matlab, and I care a lot about the look of my texts. So any automatic generation
>    of LaTeX has been a no-go. Matlab, obviously, is a poor starting point as well.
>    If you do all your math in Mathematica and are not much of a perfectionist, the autogeneration may be viable way of
>    working.

Can't you just edit the autogenerated stuff by hand or define some
of your own latex commands and use sed/awk on the generated
latex? But yes I don't have strong preferences on appearance
or expect to submit to a journal I just want to make sure
the math is right for a limited set of equations.  

Besides the math, there is the input issue. For my code, I was just
entering parsed expression trees in RPN ( or I guess postfix  )
which sounds bad unless you are used to that but it is easy to tack
on a front end if the math is worthwhile :) 
A lot of what I wanted to do is easy to say but hard to type-
say for example a rotation matix- it is just really an axis
and an agle but a lot of typing. I can have my code generate
and muliply those and output latex. 
Eventually if could
probably parse latex and generate RPN , check the math, and then write out
other latex :) When I first thought about this it sounded intractable
and there are a lot of details to code, even if you can find all
the rules and tricks  ( never mind all the integral tables lol ). 

>    On Tue, 22 Nov 2022 at 22:18, Mike Marchywka <[mailto:marchywka at]marchywka at> wrote:
>      I got tired of doing algebra and looking for typo's and
>      was curious about Mathematica. Do people just do all the
>      math in mathematica and then export to latex docs for papers etc?
>      Or do you end up having to re-type anything?
>      I had a few specific things I wanted to do and a bunch of c++
>      code so I started to write my own expression handling
>      stuff. It looks like I can make it work and eventually it could be
>      extended to probably do what mathematica does-
>      after toobib I have gotten used to large collections of
>      ad hoc "algorithms" lol. It may just be easier to
>      buy mathematica however. The only possible benefit was that
>      I could adapt it to  other "languages" maybe including
>      chemistry or something.
>      Thoughts?
>      Thanks.
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