Belarus mirror access from Ukraine

Renat Nasridinov mavladi at
Thu Nov 17 13:24:56 CET 2022

Hello there,

As you may know, access to mirror URL redirects to
the nearest mirror. As for Ukraine, that nearest mirror is in Belarus -- (Minsk).

But since the start of the full-scale Russian Federation invasion in
Ukraine, .by and .ru domains are not accessible from Ukraine. So with address
resolution managed by the CTAN mirrors server, Ukrainian TeX users are not
able to use URL explicitly, because it redirects to
the unreachable location.

Is there any possibility to change this server behaviour? Certainly,
Ukrainian users are able to set another mirror for use, but since this is a
country-wide problem, it may be more effectively resolved on the CTAN
mirrors server side.

Sincerely, Renat
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