Mar22 TUG news: TeX Live pretest, TUGboat, conferences, CTAN

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Tue Mar 8 02:45:27 CET 2022

Dear TeXers,

I apologize for the delay with this newsletter.  There is a war in the
country where I was born, and for days I could do almost nothing but
scrolling the news, talking to friends there or trying to get
distracted by routine work.  We all thought that European wars were
left behind in the last century - and turned out to be wrong.

When I am writing this, there are more than a million Ukrainian
refugees, and the number increases every day.  You may want to help
them: either directly or by donating to a reputable organization near
you.  Please do so.  These people need your help right now.  I also
would like to mention another category of people affected by the war:
citizens of Russia and Belarus.  Some of them live near you.  Please
be kind to them; they also may need your help.

Now to the TeX news.

- TeX Live 2022 is now in the pretest phase.  If you want to help,
or are curious about what's included, take a look:

- Submissions for the next TUGboat are welcome; the deadline is March 31.

- TUG 2022 ( will be online and held on
July 22-24, 2022. Submissions are very welcome. Call for papers:

While there is no fee to participate in the conference, we ask that you
register in advance at, and, of
course, you are very welcome to donate to TUG for the conference - or
for any other reason!

Other upcoming meetings:

- Grapholinguistics in the 21st Century: From graphemes to knowledge,
Palaiseau, France, June 8-10, 2022.

- DANTE meeting 2022, Otto-von-Guericke-Universit\"at, Magdeburg,
Germany, June 23-25, 2022.

- 16th ConTeXt Meeting: Dreifelden, Germany, Sept. 12-18, 2022.

New CTAN packages in February:

- andika, andika fonts with support for XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX;
- atendofenv, add a custom symbol at the end of an environment;
- byrne, a set of tools to typeset geometric proofs in the style of
  Oliver Byrne's 1847 ed. of Euclid's Elements;
- clistmap, iterate over LaTeX3 clists;
- create-theorem, multilingual support for theorem-like environments;
- grading-scheme, typeset grading schemes in tabular format;
- hexboard, for drawing hex boards and games;
- latex-for-undergraduates, a tutorial aimed at introducing
  undergraduate students to LaTeX;
- linebreaker, prevent overflow boxes with LuaLaTeX;
- luacensor, securely redact sensitive information using Lua;
- pbibtex-manual, new documentation file for Japanese pBibTeX and upBibTeX;
- proflycee, a LaTeX package for French maths teachers in high school;
- talos, a Greek cult font from the eighties;
- xcharter-math, XCharter-based OpenType Math font for LuaTeX and XeTeX;
- zref-vario, extended LaTeX page cross-references with varioref and

Happy TeXing!
Boris Veytsman, TUG President

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