researchgate bibtex and Zotero, apparently no SOP for reacting to sites

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Tue Jun 21 02:51:03 CEST 2022

If they would let me post I would comment over on the Zotero
forum but getting citations is a larger issue for the 
author communities and espeically those recognizing that computers
may be able to automate data processing :)

A discussion on research gate,

apparently they can not download when logged in. TooBib right now
is not using my login creds with headless chrome so I avoided that
problem but it does not sounds like the have strategies to deal
with exceptions from flippant let alone adversarial sites.
Writing dedicated translators may be sort of normal, and then
complaining that the site does not support their code normal
too- heck I've tried that and have an "admonish_webmaster" flag
lol. However, just for the developers you would think they would
have strategy output to share - my default dev output for this is about
20Meg which may be too large for production but easy to switch
on and off. 

It looks like my dedicated RG handler is failing, wget is now
being blocked, but the generic strategies that are more
paranoid and use headless chrome seem to be finding
ld+json which I'm not sure Zotero bothers to use as a rule.

" The truth [ and bibtex ] is out there. "

 toobib -local -clip
toobib set to ../toobib/toobib.out -devel
mjm>clip xxxx
./toobib.h546  cmd=clip p1=xxxx p2= flags=18 x.flag_to_string(flags,0)=show_trial paste_citation 
./mjm_med2bib_guesses.h979  uin= dest=xxxx flags=18
./mjm_med2bib_guesses.h1130 % mjmhandler: toobib handleldjson2(only ldjson)
% date 2022-06-20:20:18:18 Mon Jun 20 20:18:18 EDT 2022
% srcurl:
% citeurl:
X_TooBib = {date: 04/01/2011},
X_TooBib = {title: The usefulness of 2MASS JHKs photometry for open cluster studies},
X_TooBib = {urldate: FixBeKvp s= cmd=date "+%Y-%m-%d" d=2022-06-20 dn=urldate},
X_TooBib = {author: Turner , David G.},
author = {Turner , David G.},
author_orig = {David G. Turner},
context = {},
date = {04/01/2011},
date_orig = {2011-04-01    },
datepublished = {2011-04-01},
day = {01},
headline = {The usefulness of 2MASS JHKs photometry for open cluster studies},
image = {},
journal = {Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico},
mainentityofpage = {},
month = {04},
pagetitle = {(PDF) The usefulness of 2MASS JHKs photometry for open cluster studies},
publisher = {Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico},
title = {The usefulness of 2MASS JHKs photometry for open cluster studies},
type = {ScholarlyArticle},
urldate = {2022-06-20},
x_author_1_context = {},
x_author_1_image = {},
x_author_1_memberof_3_context = {},
x_author_1_memberof_3_name = {Saint Mary's University},
x_author_1_memberof_3_type = {Organization},
x_author_1_name = {David G. Turner},
x_author_1_type = {Person},
x_author_1_url = {},
x_author_context = {},
x_author_image = {},
x_author_memberof_context = {},
x_author_memberof_name = {Saint Mary's University},
x_author_memberof_type = {Organization},
x_author_name = {David G. Turner},
x_author_type = {Person},
x_author_url = {},
x_citation_5_author_103_context = { and and and},
x_citation_5_author_103_image = { and and and},
x_citation_5_author_103_memberof_105_context = {},
x_citation_5_author_103_memberof_105_name = {University of Ba



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