Graphing arcsin(x)

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at
Mon Nov 22 07:17:11 CET 2021

Am 21.11.21 um 22:32 schrieb Djones9976 via texhax:
> Can someone please tell me how to plot a graph of arcsin(x).  I can 
> plot arccos(x) and arctan(x) using the codes below, but all I get is a 
> blank when I try to plot arcsin.  I read somewhere that postscript 
> only recognizes arctan(x) but I don't know if that is my problem.  As 
> you will see from this code, I am trying to avoid tikz because so much 
> other code is written without it and putting them together just 
> confuses the issue.

you can also use the keyword yMaxValue, then ou do not need clipping:

\caption{Inverse Trigonometric plots in algebraic notation}


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