Color changing under graphic inclusion with graphicx

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Sat Jan 9 22:53:48 CET 2021

On Sat, Jan 9, 2021, 1:27 PM Herbert Voss <Herbert.Voss at> wrote:

> No, it means that _all_ used colors on LaTeX level will be converted into
> the RGB model. By default xcolor uses rgb (0..1).
> This is only a problem when using an image as background. The
> colormodell on LaTeX level must be the same as the color model
> of your image. Otherwise blue (cmyk) is not blue (rgb) ...

Well, but in my case the background is in RGB. The images are in RGB, and
color is the same in all 4 of them. Two show the difference against the
background and two do not. What is the difference between the first two
images and the last two images?

> no, there are a lot of possible color models and all must be converted
> into one which are valid for the PDF.

Isn't PDF the format that allows many color models on the same page?

How would anyone produce a graphics in RGB and another in Lab in the same
page with that restriction?

> >
> > 3- What does the second row of mages have that the first do not???
> >
> I do not understand this question. I used only your four images.
> Herbert

I attached 4 files and they have the same background color and two of them
show the problem and two not. What is different on the graphics to display
that behaviour?

Paulo Ney
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