A New Year's Message and Invitation

William F Hammond hmwlfsr at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 1 01:23:05 CET 2021

Jonathan Fine <jfine2358 at gmail.com> writes:

> ... You're also invited to the TeX / LaTeX Office Hour at
> 6:30 to 7:30pm tonight (UK time), and every Thursday until
> the end of March 2021.

Thanks for the invitation.

> My fear is not that UK TUG is dissolved, or that its money
> is wasted. My fear is that we miss and close off the
> opportunity to renew TeX. Succeed, and the future of TeX in
> STEM and elsewhere can be assured for the next 30 years.
> Fail, and TeX will become a niche product well removed from
> the mainstream of authoring and publishing. With dwindling
> use as legacy print-only publishing systems are replaced. Is
> this a binary choice, or is there a middle ground?

I hope that you will manage to perceive the following piece
of generalized LaTeX source code as other than a totally
impertinent response.

% The font "News Gothic Std" is not perfect, but it
% should be better than a random sans-serif font.
\title{Happy New Year}
\span[style='width: 0.875em;%
      padding: 0.3ex 0.15em;%
      background-color: #D2C28F;%
      border: 0.1ex solid black;%
      border-radius: 0.15ex;%
      font-family: "News Gothic Std", sans-serif;%
      font-size: 2em;'%
]{#1\sub[style="font-size: 0.35em;"]{#2}}}
\newcommand{\s}{\span[style="width: 2em;"]{~~}}
\begin{div}[style="margin: 3em;
      text-align: center; line-height: 6ex;"]

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