suggestion for Zotero, URL mutation , and a question.

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Sun Dec 5 21:45:58 CET 2021

The Zotero web form failed on this link,

but TooBib was able to mutate the URL according to common
rules and discover this which appears right, 

% mjmhandler: toobib handlemutate<-handleadhochtml<-citation
% date 2021-12-05:15:36:29 Sun Dec 5 15:36:29 EST 2021
% srcurl:
% citeurl:
X_TooBib = {publisher: ReWriteParse be.get(s)= be.get(dest)=},
abstract_html_url = {},
author = {Y Mochizuki and M Oishi and M Hara and T Takasu},
date = {05/01/1996},
day = {01},
firstpage = {275},
id = {26/3/275},
id_from_sass_path = {26/3/275},
issn = {0091-7370 and 1550-8080},
issue = {3},
journal = {Annals of Clinical \& Laboratory Science},
journal_abbrev = {Ann Clin Lab Sci},
journal_title = {Annals of Clinical \& Laboratory Science},
lastpage = {278},
mjid = {acls;26/3/275},
month = {05},
pagetitle = {Amino acid concentration in dementia of the Alzheimer type and multi-infarct dementia},
pdf_url = {},
pmid = {8726221},
public_url = {},
section = {Articles},
title = {Amino acid concentration in dementia of the Alzheimer type and multi-infarct dementia},
volume = {26},
year = {1996},


This is a common issue when browsing for references, you end up on
the full text and want to cite it but don't want to guess
where the publisher put the citation information. URL mutation,
or even extraction from the html in the case of local html files,
may be a useful strategy to add. TooBib tells you how it
found that and can get more possibilities allowing for manual
curation when the effort is somewhat adversarial or speculative.

I just posted another manuscript,

but the suggested bibtex uses quotes instead of curly braces because
I can't get the curly brace code to work.
This command works fine to concatenate a total bibtex entry
( it updates two variables in a normal and single-line format ) 
but there is no way AFAICT to replace the quotes with curly 



    #1 ="#2" }
#1 ="#2"

I hunted all over stackoverflow etc without anything that seems
to work here.... Any ideas? 



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