Capitalization of index entries

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Many thanks Herbert, it worked like a charm.    D. W. Jones

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> I completed a manuscript for a book making entries for words I wanted 
> to index using the command \index{xxxxx} or \index{Xxxxx} if I wanted 
> to capitalize the word in the index.  Now I find that the generally 
> accepted rule is to capitalize all words whether they are capitalized 
> in the text or not.   Is there a way that I can correct all my 
> \index{xxxxx} entries to read \index{Xxxxx} without changing them one 
> by one?

\renewcommand\index[1]{\index at i#1\@nil}
\def\index at i#1#2\@nil{\myIndex{\MakeUppercase{#1}#2}}
\def\foobar{foobar}% only for demo

foo\index{foo \foobar} bar\index{a nice bar} baz\index{Baz}

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