No BachoTeX in 2020 :-(

Jerzy.Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at
Fri Mar 13 20:11:22 CET 2020

Dear BachoTeX friends,

BachoTeX is unique among TeX conferences in confining participants to 
one secluded place, making it difficult to go off on your own (except 
for a  short walk into the woods or around the lake) for about 5 five 
days, day and night.

As Bogusław Jackowski puts it: "ideas are created between heads": 
BachoTeX brings heads together and keeps them so in the hope to produce 
chain reactions... which happened often. An online BachoTeX doesn't seem 
to have such a potential, so let's look forward to a traditional 
BachoTeX in 2021!

Regards to all!
-- Jerzy

W dniu 13.03.2020 o 16:43, Paulo Ney de Souza pisze:
> In our campus several events were cancelled this week and moved to 
> online with a surge in demand that has been ten-fold. It is 
> extremely simple to set an online seminar, and in view of the fact 
> that TUG 2020 is coming up quickly we should consider it as a viable 
> alternative.
> Paulo Ney
> On Fri, Mar 13, 2020 at 6:53 AM Jonathan Fine <jfine2358 at 
> <mailto:jfine2358 at>> wrote:
>     Hi
>     The Raspi Foundation had arranged a Computing Education Research
>     Symposium, to take place on Wednesday 1 April, in Cambridge, UK.
>     In response to the corona virus, they've decide to make it an
>     on-line only conference.
>     For more information:
>     I'm interested in this area (as well as TeX/LaTeX) and so have
>     signed up for it. I'll let you know what happens, in case we can
>     learn from it.
>     with best wishes
>     Jonathan

Jerzy Ludwichowski
GUST, Vice President

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