[EXT] Re: [EXT] Re: [EXT] how to start tex program to write first program

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Mar 8 22:36:17 CET 2020

On 08/03/2020 18:43, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Philip Taylor wrote:
>> RHUoL out-sources its staff e-mail service to Microsoft, and at some 
>> point they started  re-writing all embedded URLs in the form
>>> [deleted]
> Very very odd.  That is not at all what I copied-and-pasted from the 
> original Microsoft-massaged e-mail; what I copied and pasted was 
> infinitely more verbose, and totally unreadable.  Who/what converted it 
> back into the form shewn above I cannot imagine.  I will try once again 
> to copy-and-paste the links as I see them :
>> [deleted]
> Spaces inserted aroumd key elements in the hopes of getting it through 
> unchanged.

Both trigger Chromium's maximum-alert warning, as they both redirect to 
a known malware site.


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