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>> On 06/03/2020 22:29, political science wrote:
>> > I am trying to install Latex on Windows 10.
>> 1. Did you read
>> 2. Do you have any previous version of TeX installed?
yes there was previous version I went to C:\texlive and deleted the
folder C:\texlive because last time also I had similar problems
and could not install last time also successfully. I tried 2-3 months back
this same procedure but failing to proceed. I used overleaf online
to write my reports. This time I thought of doing again from where last
time I could not proceed.So I had deleted the folders assuming that ,
that was required to do.

>> > I downloaded
>> >
>> this
>> > 18 mb file and just double clicked on it.
>> Did you check the SHA checksum to make sure it downloaded intact?
>  No I did not checked the SHA checksum I thought it is just 18.5 mb file
> so there should not be a problem.
> I will check the checksum as per instructions here
>> Now I am doing things from fresh I erased/deleted the previous folders.
I downloaded 2 files on from
link one is install-tl-windows.exe and another was
install-tl-windows.exe.sha512 now I did go inside the downloaded
folder C:\Users\Debian\softwares\latex>certutil.exe
-hashfile install-tl-windows.exe.sha512 SHA512 SHA512 hash of
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.
I think this checked the hash of install-tl-windows.exe.sha512 but I think
I should have checked the hash of
the file install-tl-windows.exe on the download link got downloaded with
name (I did not changed anything)
install-tl-windows_2.exe so I did now
-hashfile install-tl-windows_2.exe SHA512 SHA512 hash of
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

So these are the checked value of hashes what does this mean.I tried  not
using the network downloader, and instead install it from the ISO:
so followed this link and tried downloading this one

the file could not be successfully mounted.I then tried extracting the
texlive2019-20190410.iso via 7zip 90% extracted but then some where later
files could not be extracted.

so I have a corrupt ISO which I am trying to download again from some other
mirror. I don't understand the above checksum outputs because I fear if  I
start installing again I will land in same situation.
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