Unable to install TeXLive

Matthew Elmer matthewelmer at tamu.edu
Fri Aug 21 16:05:21 CEST 2020

Thank you everyone for your help. Would it be possible for me to change my
username for installation and change it back afterwards? Would it break
anything for currently installed programs? It seems as though it would be a
simple fix to allow for usernames with spaces as you just put the quotes in
and it works fine. Also very strange that Philip Taylor had no issues. Now
that I look back at the error, it seems as though the batch file attempted
to put quotes in to accommodate usernames with spaces but somehow inserted
two at the beginning and none at the end. In any case, I'll just use
Microsoft Word for now instead. I won't be able to use the templates for my
computer science course but at least there's no hacky fixes involved.

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On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 3:47 AM Philip Taylor <
P.Taylor at hellenic-institute.uk> wrote:

> Julius Dittmar wrote:
> the best fix would be to rename your account name.
> This may sound like a fix in the wrong place to you, but there's good
> reason: The texlive installer will not be the only program choking on the
> space in your account name.
> Spaces have special meaning in commands: They separate command arguments.
> Thus any path containing your account name (which is any path to any of
> your files) will be read as at least three different arguments instead of
> one argument combined. Any work-around making that space-containing path
> work will only be a local work-around. There will always be places where
> such work-arounds have been forgotten.
> In the long run, you save yourself from a lot of trouble if you change
> your login name to something without spaces (perhaps use underscores
> instead or just omit the space) and if you refrain from using spaces in
> file or directory names.
> From the perspective of a Windows 7 user :
> My account name, "Philip Taylor", which clearly contains an embedded
> space, causes me no problems whatsoever, either with TeX Live or with
> anything else.
> *Philip Taylor*

*Matthew Elmer '22*
*AERO **(CSCE minor)*
*VP Internal, TAMU AIAA*
*Texas A&M University*
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