Fonts Help

Peter Flynn peter at
Sat Aug 8 21:44:30 CEST 2020

On 08/08/2020 16:11, Suresh Govindachar via texhax wrote:
> My understanding is that to use a font -- not just for a few
> characters but for large portions of a document -- one really needs
> to use a "font family" -- i.e., specify all the faces of fonts and
> all the numbers and tolerances for the sizes of fonts and of spacing
> that can occur in contexts such as superscript, math mode etc.

Correct, but hardly any document (except perhaps a font-sampler) will 
ever need ALL of the fonts and variants in a large font family. Some 
typefaces are more limited, offering only roman, italic, bold, and 
perhaps bold-italic.


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