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Jim Diamond Jim.Diamond at
Fri Aug 7 19:49:42 CEST 2020

On Fri, Aug  7, 2020 at 18:41 (+0100), Philip Taylor wrote:

> Peter Flynn wrote:

> If you are happy to use others' work, then use XeLaTeX, but you will
> have to accept that as a result you will probably (a) /never/ fully
> understand what is going on "under the bonnet",

> You redeem yourself, Phil :-) THIS is what most users want.

> I cannot disgree with your statement either, Peter.  It is simply that I feel
> that "most users" could (and perhaps should) have higher aspirations.  If you
> want to get from A to B simply, safely and at an affordable cost, take a
> train.  You will have no control over where it goes, over how long it stops at
> stations (and other locations !), but 99 times out of 100 (maybe more) it will
> get you where you want to go in an acceptable time.  If, however, you want to
> have total control over where you go, how fast you go, etc., then buy or hire
> the most powerful sports car you can afford — once tried, you may never look
> back.  XeTeX is the Lamborghini, LaTeX is the Puffing Billy.

I think neither of you have not yet stated what I consider to be the
biggest problem with LaTeX.  Namely, for any "default" that some LaTeX
setup (document style, packages, ...) gives you is not what you want,
trying to change it can take you down the rabbit-hole of completely
inscrutable LaTeX code, and trying to change it may be more work than
if you had learned (plain) TeX in the first place.  (This was my
experience, I tried LaTeX before I started using plain TeX.)

Having said that, there is always this nagging thought at the back of
my head to learn ConTeXt, since I think it may have the best of both



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