BoMTex? Using bibliography for a Bill of Materials?

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On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 11:31:46PM +0000, Mike Marchywka wrote:
> I was continuing to work on my notes to make the case for essentially
> universal "citation" buttons for web content. One obvious place this
> could be useful, besides the normal assortment of asporing political
> commentators, is any online retail site that wants to make it easy to
> assemble projects or recipes with links to make buying easy.
I kept playing with this idea and generally it looks like the "bibliography"
concept can be generalized in a way that makes it reasonable for most sites
to include a "cite" feature but curious if anyone has done anything unusual
with BibTeX of this type that may be useful? That is, I'm trying to see if
"BoMTeX" or a Bill of Materials made from bibliographic facilities would
be useful enough to sellers to get them to offer bibtex entries for their
products ( with fields compatible with normal academic citation formats and
those designed for bill of materials with the intent of converting readers
into customers). I guess ideally the bibliographic entries would include
links to "buy" pages to make ordering easy but these would be further 
valuable if each link contained a key-value pair indicating the publication
that created the buy. This may even be a way to measure an author's impact
or even to get royalties although may not be secure enough for that.
So specifically curious if work-specific bibtex entries have been explored
at all in any adaptations of the bibliography concept.


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