BoMTex? Using bibliography for a Bill of Materials?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Mon Oct 14 01:31:46 CEST 2019

I was continuing to work on my notes to make the case for essentially
universal "citation" buttons for web content. One obvious place this
could be useful, besides the normal assortment of asporing political
commentators, is any online retail site that wants to make it easy to
assemble projects or recipes with links to make buying easy.

I could not go to say Amazon and find an easy way to
add buying url's from amazon into my hypothetical recipe bok. 
Although maybe people here have seen better solutions
including non-solutions LOL. 

I came up with an "@material" type and made a bom.bst 
that included a "buy" link as well as a link to the manufacturer
blurb page. I am sure that not everyone publishing a DIY project, 
including hardware stores themselves, has a way to just buy with
a few clicks. Or am I wrong about this? Has anyone seen any good
examples for anything similar- even CAD related projects online?
Popular ( electronics, mechanics, whatever) or the proverbial
recipe book? I made a "@material" entry for Prego spaghetti sauce
for example. Thoughts? One thing that would be nice is to be
able to modify the bibtex links to reflect a quantity and make
multiple references to the same entry with different quantities.
I'm not sure how to do that however. 

I think the key here is the utility of the links and custom fields in
the open-ended bib features. 

It may sound like I've gone off the deep end on this but scraping these
things together sounds like a recurring annoying problem and on 
a few moments reflection it sounds like the web sites would
have incentive to control and promote the process.

Personally I only have maybe a dozen or so of these to scrape together now
but compared to just downloading the stupid thing this is a really
annoying thing to do. While I have previously worked with online
advertising, that and social media was never really my forte 
and  hard to really gauge what would catch on.  




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