status of latex or latex like emails.

Peter Flynn peter at
Thu May 9 11:53:00 CEST 2019

On 09/05/2019 10:41, Mike Marchywka wrote:> On a quick google search 
latex like email and web pages, mostly with
> math and IIRC "markdown" do come up. Is anyone doing anything with
> this?

Many have tried, I think; none have succeeded.

> If the email source code marked pieces of a message it would be easy
> to display with custom definitions or even using a script to pick out
> pieces you want.

That's what MIME content types and attachments are for.

> I'm wondering if there is some email format being considered that
> would mark the pieces into blocks such as "\abstract{ ... } "

They all need to be in an attachment with the MIME type 

> and then either display as intended by sender or with recipient
> custom formatting via local definitions.

...then someone needs to write an intrusive handler for mutt or Tbird or 
whatever that passes the attachment through LaTeX and displays an inline 
image (I've never seen inline PDFs).

Or something like.


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