status of latex or latex like emails.

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Thu May 9 11:41:52 CEST 2019

I was just playing with some imap download code and frustrated with browsing on 
a low performance machine. I wanted very simple email and neomutt seems to be
working well. However, things like html create some issues. Latex normally
takes more effort to turn into a document than html but if written
simply can be more human readable source code and even misused to
make a custom format for the email viewer. 

On a quick google search latex like email and web pages, mostly
with math and IIRC "markdown" do come up. Is anyone doing
anything with this? If the email source code
marked pieces of a message it would be easy to display with custom
defintions or even using a script to pick out pieces you want.

I get things like literature updates with article titles and abstract
and link to full text.  The html rendered in a browser is not too bad
but kind of a lot. The lynx rendering a little better and the source
html difficult to read. I'm wondering if there is some email format
being considered that would mark the pieces into blocks
such as "\abstract{ ... } " and then either display as intended by
sender or with recipient custom formatting via local definitions. 


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