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Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Sun Mar 10 00:45:56 CET 2019

On 09/03/2019 23:17, Walt Burkhard wrote:
> Hello,
> I am looking for info regarding printing with a curved baseline.  Where
> can I find this?

The pstricks package has this, but it's for Postscript ONLY, which means 
processing with plain latex, not pdflatex, and then converting the .dvi 
file to .ps and then to .pdf. But it works well.

However, there is a pdftricks wrapper which I did use (once) for a 
different reason, which gives you an environment the contents of which 
get written out to disk and executed through pdflatex's shell-escape and 
converted from .dvi to .pdf and cropped, then the resulting PDF included 
back into the main file as a PDF vector diagram. This works too, but 
it's slow, so there's an option to let it execute once, but thereafter 
just use the PDF image.

However, xelatex is supposed to be able to detect and execute Postscript 
code by itself, so in theory you could just use xelatex with pdftricks. 
I just tried this and it doesn't complain, but it doesn't do the job.

I am sure a lot of user will say you should use TikZ, and I'm sure that 
would work. I'm also fairly sure it will be two orders of magnitude more 
verbose :-)

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