semilog axis on data plots

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I did, about 50 times over days.  How on earth did you get it to work?   Might it have had something to do with the fact I am using an iMac with OS 10 and TexShop editor.  And, it still didn't work for me.
But, I noticed that the code at the bottom of your message is slightly different from mine.  So I tried your exact code and it now works.    I still don't know what happened, but thank you very much!

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Am 30.07.19 um 04:23 schrieb Djones9976 via texhax:
> I am using the following program to generate a graph with logarithmic 
> scale on the y-axis shown in the attached picture.  In this figure, 
> the scaled x-axis should appear at the bottom not at the 10^0 line, 
> the last two decades should have grid lines and the grid lines should 
> not extend past the x=1 point on the abscissa.   I have tried 
> everything to no avail.   Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

it could be a good idea, if you tried your example code first by 
yourself ... ;-)


-1.0  0.555
-.80  0.14
-.60  0.21
-.40  2.9
-.20  29
0.00    21
.20     15.1
.40     19
.60     50
.80     175
1.00    650

\psset{xunit=6cm, yunit=2cm}%
\psaxes[linewidth=2pt,axesstyle=frame,Ox=-1, Oy=-2, Dx=0.2, ylogBase=10,
     xticksize=0 7,%  -2 .. 5
     yticksize=0 2 %  -1 .. 1



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