[Solved] Horizontal distinguished lines in the multirow environment

Darío darioslc at protonmail.com
Mon Jul 15 15:50:41 CEST 2019

Hello Julius, thanks for your recommendation, but a few minutes later (but hours searching before...) I find the package boldline, and with the command \hlineB{2.7} the line was wider. For the vertical lines I write for example:
the option V{2.7} was inserted before at c, l or r for the first column, and after for the last line.

Therefore, I found the solution!



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On Monday, 15 de July de 2019 5:22, Julius Dittmar <Julius.Muller at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi Dario,
> have a look at the package hhline, perhaps that provides what you need.
> Hope that helps,
> Julius
> Am 15.07.19 um 03:17 schrieb Darío via texhax:
> > I am using the environment multirow for a table, and I need that
> > the horizontal line has a bit more distinguished,

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