Suggestions for a presentation (paper) type document that can handle complexity

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at
Sat Jul 13 04:36:19 CEST 2019


I need to start making for lack of a better description,
advertising/marketing documents.  Being able to convert to some kind of
HTML might be useful.

Whenever I go to write something "important", it quickly turns into an
encyclopaedia.  I can't help it; brain dumping is something which comes
naturally to people affected by autism.

In the past, I have typically used the article style and used hyperref
to handle complexity.  Well, at least as a PDF.  To print it out, paper
is a linear medium and complexity just seems to need lots of levels of
headings.  Maybe you have better ideas?

I sat down tonight, and started up with LyX, and then quickly closed it
because I just see no way to make this work there.  I might as well go
back to emacs and do everything there.

Tufte looks like an interesting concept.  I am running Devuan (a fork
of Debian Linux), and the Tufte project isn't a standard part of what
Debian provides.  Or an optional part for that matter.

It seems that TeX on Debian is now based on TeX Live.  And so tlmgr
might be what one has to use.

How does a person install something like Tufte on Debian using tlmgr?
Do you have suggestions for alternative packages?

Have a great day!

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