Suggestions for a presentation (paper) type document that can handle complexity

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Sat Jul 13 07:08:31 CEST 2019

Hi Gordon,

what I would recommend:

a) Ignore the TeX Debian provides. It's update frequency and packaging are
AFAIK different from the TeX Live TUG provides.

b) Regarding the Tufte package: Check if it fulfills your requirements
especially with other packages you need. Friends of mine had used it and
were not really satisfied.


Am Sa., 13. Juli 2019 um 04:37 Uhr schrieb Gordon Haverland <
ghaverla at>:

> Greetings
> I need to start making for lack of a better description,
> advertising/marketing documents.  Being able to convert to some kind of
> HTML might be useful.
> Whenever I go to write something "important", it quickly turns into an
> encyclopaedia.  I can't help it; brain dumping is something which comes
> naturally to people affected by autism.
> In the past, I have typically used the article style and used hyperref
> to handle complexity.  Well, at least as a PDF.  To print it out, paper
> is a linear medium and complexity just seems to need lots of levels of
> headings.  Maybe you have better ideas?
> I sat down tonight, and started up with LyX, and then quickly closed it
> because I just see no way to make this work there.  I might as well go
> back to emacs and do everything there.
> Tufte looks like an interesting concept.  I am running Devuan (a fork
> of Debian Linux), and the Tufte project isn't a standard part of what
> Debian provides.  Or an optional part for that matter.
> It seems that TeX on Debian is now based on TeX Live.  And so tlmgr
> might be what one has to use.
> How does a person install something like Tufte on Debian using tlmgr?
> Do you have suggestions for alternative packages?
> Have a great day!
> Gord

Dr. Uwe Ziegenhagen
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